"Do you know how many calories are in that?"

“…Do you know how many fucks I give?”

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I love this just a little too much.  This is how my head!canon Klaine stand a lot when they are together.  Blaine likes to come up behind Kurt, hook his chin over Kurt’s shoulder and wrap his arms around him and be like “Whatcha doin’?”

 #yes this is my headcanon too #it’s so sweet and intimate and something kurt would never let anybody else do #when kurt first feels someone touch him from behind he automatically tenses up until he hears blaine’s voice in his ear and he relaxes into blaine #and after awhile kurt doesn’t even need to hear blaine’s voice to know it’s blaine #he can tell as soon as blaine’s fingertips touch his waist that it’s him #and pretty soon it’s their default stance because blaine can’t be in a room with kurt without wanting to be as close to him as possible #and kurt loves the feeling of complete comfortability around blaine. he’s at his most relaxed with blaine’s arms around him #and blaine’s a nuzzler and kurt’s ticklish so sometimes the backwards hug turns into playful swats and adorable flirting and tender kisses #and it’s all so cute and adorable and endearing and my squishy squishy heart can barely take it #i love these two so SO much
I don’t usually like manips, but this one is particularly adorable

This tag. My tears. 

WHY MUST YOU MAKE ME CRY THO. Perfect, and this needs to happen okay.

That tag. I need this to happen. 

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